Legend of the 5 Rings - 1,000 Years of Darkness

Session 5

  • Players arrive in Ryoko Owari. The secure lodgings in the poorer district. While out gathering supplies they hear a muffled cry. Investigating they happen upon a group of ruffians fighting a pair of Scorpion samurai and making off with a young woman. One of the samurai lay bleeding in the streets. Nobu revives the fallen samurai. During the fight one of the ruffians runs away with the woman. The rest of the ruffians are defeated. Before they can talk to one of the ruffians Soldiers arrive and secure the scene.
  • The players are interrogated by Obsidian Magistrate Seppun. They are let go with a warning to “not be heroes”
  • The players are met by a Scorpion agent. He invites them to the Scorpion compound to meet with his master.
  • While heading to the Clan Compounds the players are attacked by 8 White Hand thugs. They are intent on capturing the players. The players are able to soundly defeat the thugs with only Nobu falling.



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