A Legends of the 5 Rings game using Dungeons & Dragons 4E rules.

What if the Thunders failed to defeat Fu Leng on the Second Day of Thunder?

-———————————————————- SPOILERS -———————————————————-

Campaign Overview:
200+ years after Second Day of Thunder, SE 201
Fu Leng’s body is dying. He needs a host for his essence and it must be of Hantei blood.
To this end Lady Kachiko becomes pregnant and delivers a girl, Yakusoku “Promise”.
Bayushi Armoro switches the infant with a peasant child and hides the true heir away.
He places the infant in the care of the Hooded Ronin.
Kachiko dies shortly after child birth. The Emperor quickly weds the Child of the Shadow Dragon, securing his allegiance with the Lying Darkness. This is in part due to his growing distrust in the Scorpion.

Rebel stronghold on the Islands of Silk and Spice. Defended by treacherous sea lanes and the Thunder Dragon. Home of the Mantis Clan, Yoritomo, made a Great Clan when Torturi I first took refuge on the islands.

Notable NPCs:

The Dark Emperor – Fu Leng

The Obsidian Champion – Hoturi

Child of the Shadow Dragon –

The Dark Council of Masters –

Toturi II

Mantis Daimyo – Yoritomo

Oracle of Thunder – Isawa Kaeda

Hooded Ronin – Heir of Shinsei

‘Promise’ – Yakusoku

Legend of the 5 Rings - 1,000 Years of Darkness